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Check Out Command

Checks out the selected files (and/or files in the selected directories) from the remote server into a local directory. This will copy files from the remote server into a specified local directory, mark them as checked out on the remote server, and change the protection of local copies of the files to read/write. If a file on the remote server is already checked out, the program will optionally allow a second check out to occur (if the option to allow multiple check-outs is enabled in Project Options | Misc) but it will also warn the user of the future responsibility to merge the two different versions of the file.

Default Shortcut

Check Out dialog

Dialog Box Options

Local File(s)
Enter the path to the local directory where the remote files will be copied or press Browse Button to browse for a directory.

Choose this option if you want to check out directories with all their subdirectories. This option is enabled only if at least one directory is selected.

Do not replace local file(s)
Choose this option to tell FtpVC not to copy remote file(s) to your local directory. FtpVC will record that the file is checked out, but will not copy it to your local directory.

Set local file time
Select whether you want the local file time to be the time of the operation (current time), the remote file time, or the time of the current version (when the file was added or checked in). This option is enabled only if Do not replace local file(s) is not selected.

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