FtpVC Wish List

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Bold items are likely to appear in the next version.

#   Feature Votes
1.   Support for Secure FTP protocol
2.   Implement Microsoft SCC API interface so that FtpVC can be integrated with IDEs
3.   Command line interface
4.   Ability to set 'Inactive' status for files. Inactive files are skipped for all FtpVC operation; their only purpose is to retrieve older versions from their history
5.   Exclude directories from Find Checkouts and Find By Status (in recursive mode)
6.   Support for drag and drop
7.   Support for keyword expansion in files of user-defined types during check-in (similar to https://www.gnu.org/software/trans-coord/manual/cvs/html_node/Keyword-substitution.html)
8.   Support FTP servers on mainframe platforms filenames (IBM/AS400, HP/NonStop/Guardian, etc.) as well as Stratus VOS FTP support1
9.   Limit the number of versions saved and automatically delete the oldest version once the limit has been reached.
10.   Support for proxy server
11.   Ability to do non-case-sensitive rename
12.   Detach command to remove directory (optionally recursively) from version control
13.   Filter by label
14.   Filter for directory names
15.   Unix version
16.   Persist used comments so that they can be re-used
17.   Implement simple label-based bug tracking
18.   Ability to add user-defined commands (performed on local files, single or multiple) to the context menu