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Enter FtpVC, a version control system that works via FTP. It was perfect for my needs! I installed the client on both machines, configured it to use a folder on my hosting account, and got back to work. Setup was very easy, and the shared hosting space was accessible to either machine, and offsite. At $50, it was not a budget breaker, either. All the usual version control features are there, including history and comparisons. If you're a lone ranger picking up the odd client job, or a small development shop, FtpVC could be a great solution for you.

RJ Dudley

Version control with this program is a bliss, and the customer support is simply great. Definitely a great version control tool.


I found this great little software called FtpVC. It met all my requirements, plus it has some version control features I wasn't expecting ... I would recommend this as an inexpensive and effective version control system for any web development team, but especially if your team is distributed.


FTPVC provides a VCS solution with only an FTP account available. This opens the world of VCS and file sharing to those without dedicated servers. Highly recommended.

Chad Z. Hower a.k.a Kudzu

FtpVC has allowed our team to work safely on the same set of files without requiring the installation of a versioning system on our servers. We're often managing multiple projects spread across servers so this has saved us a great deal of time and money. We just enter the usual FTP settings and we can get started straight away reaping all the benefits of versioning with no other configuration.

Even when I work alone I still use FtpVC because of the history it keeps for every upload. Viewing changes between the current file and any historic version can be a real life saver.

I am also impressed by the efficiency of FtpVC. The application itself takes hardly any resources and the FTP performance is the fastest I've seen.

In short, FtpVC has become a vital part of our development toolset.

Simon Sadler