FtpVC Features

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Basic Features
Does not require a version control server - uses standard FTP protocol
Manual and automatic reconnection to the FTP server
Standard FTP client features: put, delete, rename, move files and directories, create directories
Standard version control features: add, attach, get, check out, check in, undo check out, and label
File viewing by spawning an external program
Shows differences between file versions, using a user-defined file comparison tool (ExamDiff by default)
File revision history maintained, enabling rollback to previous versions
Advanced Features
Supports SMTP servers with authentication
Supports passive FTP
Allows you to lock and unlock files
Allows compression of remote files
Allows encryption of remote files
Allows backup of local files
Customizable list of file extensions for ASCII transfer
Navigation and Notifications
View filters let you limit your view to only certain types of files
File name filters let you include or exclude certain file names from view
Find Checkouts and Find by Status commands
Filtered history with multiple file support
Email subscription to version control events for a specific file
Customizable mailing lists that can receive check-in notifications
Supports multiple version control projects
Provides recursive file management
Caching of temporary files for better performance
Allows saving of log files
Customizable keyboard shortcuts