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Project Options Command - Misc

This dialog specifies project options. Options are saved for the selected project; user names and passwords are not saved. If no FTP connection is established, use the Project Options panels to modify options for the default project. Use the Export to file and Import from file commands to save and load project options. This may be useful if all team members want to have the same project options.

Project Options - Misc

Dialog Box Options

Recursive subdirectories
Choose this option if you want to view files from all project subdirectories in the same pane. This allows sorting all project files, for example, by their status, so that all checked out files are grouped together.

Allow multiple check-outs
Choose this option if you want to allow files to be checked out by more than one user. If this option is enabled, and a checked-out file is about to be checked out by another user, the multiple checkout warning will be shown.

Keep connection alive
Choose this option if you want to keep connections to the FTP server alive for the duration of the session.

Send command interval
Enter the interval (in minutes) of FTP server inactivity after which a keep-alive command will be sent to it.

Choose this option if you want FtpVC to automatically refresh the status of files.

Auto-Refresh interval
Enter an interval (in minutes) after which the status of files will be refreshed.

Backup local files
Choose this option if you want FtpVC to perform backups of local files that are about to be replaced during any FtpVC operation.

Refresh behavior
Select a desired refresh behavior used by FtpVC when you manually refresh file view or when FtpVC refreshes it using Auto-Refresh feature. The possible options are "Files in the current directory", which will refresh files only without refreshing directory tree, and "Directory tree and files in the current directory", which will refresh both the directory tree and files.

Extension added to the file names
Type an extension of backup files (.bak by default).

Filters for file names
Patterns describing the types of file names to be included/excluded in the file list view. Use the conventional DOS wildcard characters (that is, ? to match single characters and * to match multiple characters) to specify these types.