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Settings - File Types

This dialog modifies FtpVC settings. Use the Export to file and Import from file commands to save and load the settings. This may be useful if all team members want to have the same FtpVC settings.

Settings - ASCII Extensions

Dialog Box Options

Adds a new extension to the list.

Deletes the selected extension from the list. This button is enabled when a list item is selected.

Enter the file extension here. Use the .ext format for extensions (including the dot), for example .txt.

Transfer type
Enter Binary (default) or ASCII transfer type here.

Unix permission
Enter the uploaded file permission here. If a permission, which is only used on Unix servers, is not specified, FtpVC will set the default permission for the uploaded file (644).

WARNING: Any file transferred by FtpVC to the server in binary mode should only be retrieved in binary mode, and any file transferred in ASCII mode should only be retrieved in ASCII mode. Otherwise, damage to file contents may occur.