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Project Options Command - Advanced

This dialog specifies project options. Options are saved for the selected project; user names and passwords are not saved. If no FTP connection is established, use the Project Options panels to modify options for the default project. Use the Export to file and Import from file commands to save and load project options. This may be useful if all team members want to have the same project options.

Project Options - Advanced

Dialog Box Options

Passive FTP
Choose this option if you want to use passive FTP (generally used if the FTP server is behind a firewall).

FTP Port
Enter the FTP port number here (21 by default).

Use encryption
Choose this option if you want to store files on the FTP server in an encrypted form. FtpVC will automatically decrypt files as they are transferred to the client. FtpVC uses a very strong 256-bit Rijndael encryption algorithm. Warning: encrypted files will be unusable until FtpVC gets them to the client.

Encryption key
A key used to encrypt and decrypt files if Use encryption option is enabled. Default: project name.

Store previous versions of files on the server
Choose this option if you want to keep previous versions of files on the FTP server.

Version delimiter
A character used as a delimiter for versioned file names Default: ; (as in file.txt;1).

Use compression
Choose this option if you want to compress files on the FTP server. FtpVC will upload compressed files whenever files are saved on the server, and it will be able to distinguish between compressed and uncompressed files during downloads, regardless whether this option is used or not. Compressed files are ZIP files encrypted with the password FtpVC.

Require comments for actions where comments are available
If this option is selected, comments will be required in all dialogs where they are available, namely, the Add, Attach, Check Out and Check In dialogs.

Escape characters for stub file names
Three characters used as escape characters to form stub file names (version 2.1+). Default: %, #, @. The first escape character is used to escape the . character in user names, the second escape character is used to escape the : character in timestamps; and the third escape character is used to escape the \\/:*?\"<>|. characters in check-out directory names. If you change escape characters when some files have already been added to the version control (i.e. some files already have stub files associated with them), it will affect the display of file statuses until the new stubs are saved (as a result of any the following file operations: (1) Add, (2) Check Out, (3) Check In, (4) Undo Check Out, and (5) Changing comments in Properties dialog).

Master user email address
Enter the master user email address here.

Mailing list
Select a mailing list where check-in notification messages will be sent. See Mailing Lists settings for help on setting up FtpVC mailing lists.