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How to Order FtpVC

This program is not free, but is copyrighted software that is provided to allow you to evaluate it before paying. If you make use of this software for any purpose other than evaluation or evaluates it for a longer period than 30 days, then you must purchase the software.

In order to purchase the software you need to send your name (or any name you would like to register the software to) and payment (see options below). When payment is received, you will be emailed (if email address is included) or mailed a password necessary to register the software. After getting an email message with your password, follow the registration instructions, which will result in the creation of a password file in the same directory where FtpVC.exe is located. When run, FtpVC will use the file to validate your registration. Please do not remove your password file from the FtpVC directory.

Each license includes unlimited email support and at least one year of free upgrades, depending on the number of maintenance years purchased. After your maintenance period expires, you may (1) use the latest of your free upgrades forever, or (2) renew your license by purchasing an upgrade at the current license renewal rate (see FtpVC Pricing for current upgrade prices). To order an upgrade, please email PrestoSoft LLC with your current registration name and number of licenses you own (you can find this information in the About Box). In return you will be emailed instructions on how to purchase an upgrade. If you purchased FtpVC more than once, and you wish to upgrade all of your separate licenses in one consolidated upgrade, please email all of your registration names along with number of licenses for each registration.

There are several ways to purchase FtpVC:

  1. By credit card:
    Visit for different ways of ordering FtpVC via credit card.

  2. By purchase order:
    PrestoSoft LLC does not process POs directly. Visit for the ways of ordering FtpVC via POs.

  3. By check, money order, or cash (US dollars only):
    • Print and fill the order form
    • Send the filled order form along with a check, money order, or cash payable to PrestoSoft LLC, to
      P.O. Box 3611
      Thousand Oaks, CA 91359

  4. By wire transfer:

To check on the status of your order, please contact PrestoSoft LLC directly.

The credit card orders are handled by third party registration services. They notify PrestoSoft LLC, and within one business day of your order PrestoSoft LLC will send your password directly to you.