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Menus and Toolbars

ExamDiff Pro uses four different menus (as well as context menus), depending on the comparison mode: the Text File menu, the Binary File menu, the Directory menu, and the Merge menu.

Each mode uses multiple toolbars: Standard toolbar, which contains buttons that are most commonly used, and specific toolbars, such as Editing, Reports, View, Navigation etc., including the Differences Bar, which contains the differences combo box.

Toolbar buttons almost always perform same functions as corresponding menu commands. One notable exception is the Print toolbar button, which, unlike the Files/Directories | Print menu command, prints to the default printer without showing the Print Dialog.

Differences Combo Box

This combo box contains all of the differences between files or directories. If no differences are found, the combo box becomes empty and disabled.

When files/directories are compared, the combo box gets the initial focus. This means that scrolling the mouse wheel conveniently navigates between differences. Once the focus switches to one of the main panes you can use the following mouse commands for difference navigation:

  • Shift + MouseWheel Up: navigate to the previous difference
  • Shift + MouseWheel Down: navigate to the next difference
  • MouseWheel Click: set focus to the differences combo box (if it's visible and enabled)


Toolbars can be made visible or hidden using menu commands under View | Toolbar, or by right-clicking on a toolbar.

Toolbars can be customized by clicking on the "expand menu" chevron on in the end of the toolbar, or by right-clicking on a toolbar and selecting Customize....