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Bold items are likely to appear in the next version.

Red items are currently available using plug-ins. Their built-in implementation is unlikely.

#   Feature Votes
1.   Compare Word and Excel files
2.   Intelligently compare XML files
3.   Understand the start and end of C/C++ (or other language) functions, so compare function by function rather than just line by line
4.   Compare files/folders on FTP or SSH servers
5.   Integrate with version control systems allowing to compare files with their versions and perform version control operations from ExamDiff Pro
6.   Compare Office 2007 Word and Excel files
7.   Portable version
8.   Unix version
9.   Binary file editing
10.   Patch (.exe) generator
11.   Support other languages for the user interface
12.   Option to save file differences as "unified diffs" (like diff -U in the GNU diff)
13.   Implement ExamDiff Pro as a tabbed MDI application
14.   Compare archives as directories
15.   Option to reuse running instance of ExamDiff Pro
16.   Ability to select fragments in both files and compare only them, in the context of the rest of the files
17.   Option to use MD5 instead of CRC32 (or better yet, SHA256)
18.   Compare tab/comma-separated files column by column with the ability to ignore columns (referred to by their numbers)
19.   Have a distinct color for ignores, when "Ignore the ignores" is turned on
20.   Perform multi-line matching where one line can be matched to multiple lines while ignoring linebreaks
21.   Ability to ignore text fragments selected in file comparison panes
22.   Run an external program on two selected files
23.   Selective Line Editing like in KEDIT
24.   Use scale factor when printing reports
25.   Command to match braces in file comparison editor
26.   Ability to set different detail levels for the main file comparison panes and the line inspector.
27.   Upon launching matched file comparison from directory comparison, navigate through matched file pairs using Next and Previous commands
28.   Have full screen mode, showing just the 2 files/directories -- but with keyboard accelerators still working (Next Diff etc.)
29.   Ability to place manual synchronization links between lines instead of on lines
30.   Ability to compare numbers as numbers and ignore small differences
31.   Option to process files, whose content matches a regular expression, during directory comparison
32.   Compare database fields using ODBC links to SQL Server, Oracle, etc.
33.   Ability to customize ExamDiff Pro title bar text
34.   Allow the following: "examdiff file1.c *.bak" (meaning "examdiff file1.c file1.bak")
35.   "Virtual space" for file editing (allow cursor position past End of Line in Edit Mode)
36.   Add new commands to the directory comparison context menu: "Compare matched in binary/text mode" and "Compare matched with/without plug-ins", similar to the already present "Perform full comparison"
37.   Ability to replace all left/right file differences by a click of a button.
38.   Ability to search a directory for words
39.   Ability to output a comment (in specific programming languages) when you merge changes. Comments would include date, name, reason etc.
40.   Ability to flatten subdirectories in directory comparison so that relative paths are ignored
41.   Ability to add manual synchronization points during a 3-way merge
42.   Command line option to start directory synchronization
43.   Show the line length in text files (in the status bar or to the left -- next to the line number)
44.   Diff statistics such as lines deleted, added, changed per file accumulated per folder
45.   Option to use a user-defined color for nonexistent (padding) lines
46.   Offer "Apply" button on the Options dialog
47.   Provide an easier means of identifying columns to ignore (e.g. via mouse drag) instead of typing in before/after column numbers in options
48.   Option to perform byte-by-byte comparison of files larger than certain size
49.   Ability to find duplicate files
50.   Ability to ignore substitution strings e.g. R.D.S. is same as RDS
51.   Option to not treat CR character as a linebreak
52.   Ability to freeze columns in directory comparison panes
53.   Ability to disable file renaming in directory comparison
54.   Option to only (recursively) compare subfolders if they are present in both directories
55.   Ability to associate file extensions with named sessions; auto-invoke session if compared files have same extensions
56.   Ability to associate file extensions with Ignore options
57.   Ability to copy the hex dump and/or the ASCII version of the data in binary comparison
58.   Ability to concurrently search in both panes and find the first match in either one (from the current "matched" line)
59.   Ability to define 'Double-click on the line number' behavior (possible choice: copy the line to the opposite file)
60.   Show number of unchanged lines in the status bar of directory comparison (in full file comparison mode)
61.   Option to sort sessions in alphabetical order
62.   Option to disable update check when the user starts the ExamDiff Pro for the first time (via the installer)
63.   Option to have items for identical sections in the top combo box (currently only items for differences are added)
64.   Synchronize adjacent ignored empty lines when replacing diff blocks (not just added ones but also removed ones)
65.   Automated file synchronization
66.   Reuse a print job when file diff reports are printed along with the directory diff report
67.   "Add Block and Comment Out Existing Block" option with support for multiple programming languages
68.   Synchronize Directories needs an option to delete files in the destination folder if they are not present in the source folder
69.   Commands to use all or remaining L/C/R blocks during merging
70.   Command to navigate to the next real line, jumping over padded lines
71.   Copy directory but not its contents (so you can quickly dive deeper and copy only the subdirectories you want)
72.   Allow combining L/C/R blocks in any order during merging
73.   Ability to save differences of files as separate files and also to save common part as separate file
74.   When printing out a diff report, indicate on each page that a change occurred
75.   Show icon overlays in directory comparison views
76.   Ability to specify language of a file, with grammatical rules (e.g. parts of words for word wrap) affected by the language
77.   Add the manual synchronization feature to binary comparisons
78.   Add a second splitter to allow viewing different sections of a file/directory in the comparison window
79.   Add a column to show number of lines in text files in directory comparison and show total number of lines in the status bar