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Manual Synchronization

ExamDiff Pro includes easy-to-use graphical manual synchronization.

Because ExamDiff Pro matches identical lines (or those considered identical based on fuzzy matching), sometimes lines that are nearly identical will end up being out of sync. Manual synchronization can be used in this situation to "help out" ExamDiff Pro's comparison algorithm by telling it that certain lines should be synchronized with each other.

Manual synchronization links can only be created if the synchronizing splitter is enabled. The synchronizing splitter can be toggled on or off in View | Synchronizing Splitter. The synchronizing splitter contains three areas: two darker areas used for setting manual links, and the lighter central area used for moving the splitter

Creating links

The easiest way to create a manual synchronization link is to click on the starting point (on one side of the synchronizing splitter) and then drag to the ending point on the opposite side. If you need to independently scroll one file, you can now use Alt + Scroll to do so.

Manual links can also be created by clicking on the synchronizing splitter or by right clicking on it and selecting Add Link. Links created in this way always connect the lines that are located at the point of clicking.

Two kinds of links are illegal: those that connect padding lines and those that cross existing links. ExamDiff Pro will show a different cursor when you drag an endpoint to an illegal location, and it will display an error message if you try to form one of these links. If you click beyond the end of the file, the link will be formed at the last line of the file instead.

Moving and deleting links

If you click on an existing link's endpoint and start dragging, two different outcomes are possible. If you drop the end while the mouse cursor is over the pane where you started dragging, the link will be moved. If you drop the end over the opposite pane, the link will be deleted. The mouse cursor changes its shape respectively while you drag the link's end.

Other commands

There are several link navigation commands and options available by right clicking on the synchronizing splitter. These are shown here.

By default, ExamDiff Pro automatically re-compares the two files whenever you add or remove manual links, but this option can be enabled or disabled by right clicking on the synchronizing splitter and selecting Auto Re-Compare from the context menu.

Note that manual synchronization links are automatically preserved between comparisons: you can create links, compare files and close ExamDiff Pro, then reopen it with the same files, and the links will be applied as long as the files have not changed between the two comparison sessions.