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Diff Bars

Diff bars  

Each diff block has a diff bar showing its boundaries. The color of diff bars corresponds to the type of diff block. Unless otherwise stated, each type of diff block is only shown during file comparison.

  • Gray (shown at left): Normal diff block (also shown during directory comparison).
  • Yellow (shown at left): Selected diff block (also shown during directory comparison).
  • Green (shown at left): Resolved diff block (the difference has been resolved with a block operation). If all of the lines in the diff block were removed as a result of resolving the difference (e.g. an added block was deleted), a small green diff bar is displayed at the top of the next line (shown at right).
  • Pink (shown at left): Moved block (the diff block appears in the opposite file in a different position).
  • Tan (shown at left): Skipped diff block (excluded from navigation). Blocks can be skipped using the Skip checkbox next to the diff combobox under the toolbar (also shown during directory comparison), or, for text comparison, using the context menu. When a text block is skipped, it will also be colored using the color of Ignored Text in Display - Colors Options
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  • Yellow/Pink (shown at right): Selected moved block.
  • Tan/Pink (shown at right): Skipped moved block.

In text file merging pink background color denotes conflict blocks (shown as the last image at right), and green background color - manually resolved conflicts or other differences.

Clicking on a diff bar selects the diff block. Right-clicking on a diff bar brings up a context menu. Information about its options can be found here.

Each diff bar (except for resolved diffs) contains a synchronization button. Clicking the button in file comparison replaces the opposite diff block with the chosen diff block. Note that this operation is disabled if the files are out-of-sync due to manual addition or deletion of lines in either file, or if editing is disabled for any other reason.

Clicking a synchronization button in directory comparison copies the items from the chosen diff block to the opposite diff block. (Just like in file comparison, copying an empty block is equivalent to deleting the opposite block's contents.) Note that this operation is disabled if the directories are desynchronized due to scrolling.

In text file merging synchronization buttons are represented by arrows or circles. Clicking on a button, depending on whether the diff bar belongs to the left, center, or right pane, executes Use Left (Theirs), Use Center (Base), Use Right (Yours) commands respectively. Blue circles with checkmarks represent blocks that have been chosen during merging, either automatically by the merge algorithm or manually.

The tooltip for each diff bar displays information about the difference. This information is also visible in the diff combobox under the toolbar.

  Diff bar - resolved block

Diff bar - moved and selected block

Diff bar - moved and skipped block

Diff bar - conflict block