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Context Menu For Synchronizing Splitter

  • Add Link
    Add a manual synchronization link at the current location. This option is best used when the comparison panes are out of sync (see Synchronize vertical scrolling for more information on synchronized scrolling). Note that links can also be created by dragging them, as outlined here.

  • Delete Link
    Delete the manual synchronization link at one of its endpoints. Note that this option can only be used at an endpoint (arrow) of the link, not in the center of it.

  • Delete All Links
    Delete all manual synchronization links.

  • Previous Link
    Navigate to the previous link not currently visible.

  • Next Link
    Navigate to the next link not currently visible.

  • Show Full Link
    If only part of the manual synchronization link is shown, ExamDiff Pro will display the entire link, by scrolling one of the comparison panes or both (if possible). Note that this option will work even if Synchronize vertical scrolling is enabled - the panes will temporarily be out of sync.

  • Auto Re-Compare
    When this option is checked, as it is by default, ExamDiff Pro automatically re-compares the files whenever you add or remove a manual synchronization link.