ExamDiff Pro Basic Tutorial #6

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How to generate an HTML diff report

Tutorial Description: This tutorial describes how to generate an HTML diff report in ExamDiff Pro.

Video Demonstration


  1. Compare two files in ExamDiff Pro.

    ExamDiff Pro main window, comparing two files

  2. To view the HTML Diff Report, go to Files | View HTML Diff Report ExamDiff View HTML Diff Report Button. This will generate a temporary diff report, send it to your browser, and then delete the file when you are done.

    ExamDiff Pro View HTML Diff Report dialog

  3. When you are done viewing the diff report, close your browser. Now if you want to save the diff report for future use, go to Files | Save HTML Diff Report... ExamDiff Pro Save HTML Diff Report Button(or press Ctrl - M) and select the location you want to save the HTML diff report to in the dialog that pops up.

    ExamDiff Pro Save HTML Diff Report dialog

  4. Finally, let's look at the options for HTML diff reports. Go to View | Options | HTML. The first set of options let you change the HTML template files, but unless you are a skilled HTML programmer you should probably leave these alone.

    ExamDiff Pro Options dialog, HTML tab

  5. The other option here is the Use JavaScript option. By default, JavaScript is used, but if the HTML diff reports do not display properly in your browser, you can disable JavaScript, which will usually fix the problem. Here is an example of a situation where JavaScript is unsupported:

    Internet Explorer sometimes issues this warning when opening a file with JavaScript

  6. Let's try disabling JavaScript and viewing the HTML diff report again:

    HTML Diff Report with JavaScript disabled

  7. Note that the two synchronized scroll-bars are now replaced by a single scroll bar on the right side of the window.

    One final note: diff reports can be generated for directories and binary files in exactly the same way:

    HTML Diff Report with directory comparison