ExamDiff Pro Basic Tutorial #5

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How to print a diff report

Tutorial Description: This tutorial describes how to print a comparison report for a file, directory, or selection.

Video Demonstration


  1. Compare two files in ExamDiff Pro.

    ExamDiff Pro main screen, comparing two files

  2. The first step to printing a diff report is to go to Files | Page Setup (or click on the Page Setup toolbar button ExamDiff Pro Page Setup Button) and select the options that you want. For the most part these options are self-explanatory, but one merits an explanation: selecting No Background does not print any colored backgrounds, useful for conserving ink.

    ExamDiff Pro Page Setup dialog

  3. Next, review the diff report you are going to print by going to Files | Print Preview (or by clicking on the Print Preview toolbar button ExamDiff Pro Print Preview Button):

    ExamDiff Pro Print Preview dialog

  4. Finally, press Ctrl-P to bring up the Print dialog. After making all necessary changes, click on OK and the diff report is printed. Note: Clicking on the Print toolbar button ExamDiff Pro Print Button will print the diff report without showing the Print dialog.

    ExamDiff Pro Print dialog

  5. Diff reports for directories are printed the same way as for files. Also, if the Print file diffs when printing directory diff report option in Options | Dir Comparison | More is enabled, whenever a directory diff report is printed ExamDiff will also print diff reports for each pair of changed files.

    ExamDiff Pro Options dialog, Dir Comparison | More tab

  6. Now let's try printing a diff report for a selection. Compare two files in ExamDiff, and select a text fragment in either file. Press Ctrl-P and set the Print Range option to Selection. This will print a diff report that contains only the selection, and the corresponding lines in the other file. Note: Checking the Default print uses selection (if it exists) option in Options | Misc will make ExamDiff print the selection by default, and will also make Print Preview show a diff report of the selection.

    Print Range option in the ExamDiff Pro Print dialog