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Menus and Toolbars

ExamDiff Pro uses four different menus (as well as context menus), depending on the comparison mode: the Text File menu, the Binary File menu, the Directory menu, and the Merge menu.

Each mode uses multiple toolbars: Standard toolbar, which contains buttons that are most commonly used, and specific toolbars, such as Editing, Reports, View, Navigation etc., including the Differences Bar, which contains the differences combo box. Toolbars can be made visible or hidden using menu commands under View | Toolbar, or by right-clicking on a toolbar.

Toolbar buttons almost always perform same functions as corresponding menu commands. One notable exception is the Print toolbar button, which, unlike the Files/Directories | Print menu command, prints to the default printer without showing the Print Dialog.

Toolbars can be customized by clicking on the "expand menu" chevron on in the end of the toolbar, or by right-clicking on a toolbar and selecting Customize.... There are three pages in the Customize dialog:


Options dialog

Use this page to show/hide individual toolbars, create new (custom) toolbars, delete or rename them, and reset selected toolbar to its initial state.


Options dialog

This page allows you to add individual commands to any visible toolbar by dragging a command to the toolbar. Note that you can also delete any visible toolbar button by dragging it away from a toolbar while the Customize dialog is active (or Alt-drag even without the dialog).


Options dialog

Use this page to change menus or toolbars icon sizes, which is particularly handy if you have a high-resolution monitor.