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New feature! The beta release of ExamDiff Pro version 9.0 is now available for download. It contains the following changes as compared to version 8.0:

New features:
Bug fixes:
  • Stopping parallel full comparison caused files to be marked with "Error" status or to be erroneously marked as identical
  • Options and sessions files were not saved with the Unicode Byte Order Mark (BOM)
  • Incorrect line numbering after Add Block, Delete Block, and Split Block commands

  • Better detection of comments for programming languages supported by syntax highlighting
  • Better text/binary detection
  • Better performance of 3-Way Diff And Merge
  • Better performance of parallel full comparison
  • Explorer context menu is now enabled even if selected files are in different directories (Windows Vista and higher)

Please note that our beta releases and release candidates are very robust and well-tested. They contain complete Help files, and virtually the only difference between them and final releases is the frequency of new builds (obviously, much higher for betas) and flexibility in making minor changes (again, much greater in betas). Don't be afraid to load this beta release and enjoy the new features of ExamDiff Pro.

If you purchase this beta of ExamDiff Pro, your license will be valid for the final release of 9.0, as each license includes at least one year of free upgrades (or more, depending on the number of maintenance years purchased).

Keep checking this page as it's likely to be updated over the course of the beta program.

Be sure to let us know your thoughts about the beta. Your opinion matters!