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Table Comparison Options

Table Comparison Options dialog

This page allows you to specify options for table comparison.

Dialog Box Options

Table file types
Defines file types that are treated as tabular data.
  • List of types
    Contains the list of all registered table types.

  • New
    Launches the dialog to define a new table type.

  • Edit
    Launches the dialog to edit an existing table type.

  • Remove
    Deletes the selected table type.

  • Move up
    Moves the selected table type up in the list. If a compared file matches more than one table type, the one on top will be used.

  • Move down
    Moves the selected table type down in the list.
Sort columns
  • Sort columns
    Enables/disables sorting of tabular data.

  • Columns to sort
    Specify a comma-separated list of column numbers by which tables will be sorted, in order of desired sorting. Append 'd' to sort in descending order. Example: 1,3d (sort by column 1 ascending, then by 3 descending).

  • Skip top lines
    Use this option to skip top lines during the sorting.
Ignore columns
  • Ignore columns
    Enables/disables ignoring of tabular data columns.

  • Columns to ignore
    Specify a comma-separated list of inclusive ranges of column numbers, each of which is either a number or a pair of hyphen-separated numbers. Examples: 4-6 or 1,5-7.
Display options
  • Use colors to differentiate columns
    Enables/disables coloring of tabular data columns.

  • Color definitions
    Launches the dialog to define colors for the first 10 columns. Colors are repeated after that, so column 11 will use the color of column 1, etc.