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A session is a named entity that stores a pair of names of compared files or directories as well as a set of comparison options. There are two kinds of sessions, auto sessions, that are automatically stored by ExamDiff Pro in the Windows Registry, and standalone session files (files with .EDPI extension) that can be saved and loaded by ExamDiff Pro per user demand.

Sessions can be opened, loaded, and saved from the Files or Directories menu. When a session is loaded via the menu, ExamDiff Pro starts a new comparison. The Compare dialog gives even more options, such as creating, renaming, copying, and deleting sessions. The Compare dialog is the only place where auto sessions can be created.

When any session other than the <Unnamed Default Session> is currently being used, the title of ExamDiff Pro is ExamDiff Pro - Session Name ( file or dir | file or dir ).

Auto sessions and session files can be loaded when ExamDiff Pro starts via the /se and /sf command line options.

Session files can also be loaded by double-clicking on them in Windows Explorer.