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Drag and Drop

ExamDiff Pro provides extensive drag and drop support. ExamDiff Pro can participate in three different scenarios of drag and drop.

1. Drag and drop into ExamDiff Pro from another application

This includes support for dropping one or two files or directories into the program's window from Windows Explorer. If you select one file or directory, you can drop it into a comparison pane, and it will replace the file or directory in that comparison pane, and you will be prompted to recompare. If you select two files or directories, you can drop them anywhere in the program, and they will replace the current files or directories being compared (they will be compared to each other). Also, when comparing files, you can drag text blocks from an external editor. Finally, you can drop files or directories into certain dialog boxes that require a path to a file or directory, such as the Compare, Create Snapshot, and Copy to Third Directory dialogs.

2. Drag and drop from ExamDiff Pro into another application

When comparing directories, you can drag files or subdirectories into external editors, and to drag files or directories into Windows Explorer, which will result in them being copied to the currently selected directory in Windows Explorer. You can also drag a file or directory being compared by dragging its title box. Finally, you can drag text from a text file comparison pane into an external editor.

3. Drag and drop within ExamDiff Pro

When comparing text files, you can drag text blocks within files, and between the files being compared. When comparing directories, you can drag files between the two comparison panes, which results in them being copied from one pane to the other.