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Display - Dir Columns Options

Dir Column Options dialog

Dialog Box Options

Visibility and order
This section lets you specify what columns and in what sort order to show in the directory comparison list view. Note that the File Name and Relative Path (if recursive comparison is used) columns are always visible.

Note that in order to see the number of diffs, you need to enable Perform file content comparison (with Compare files byte-by-byte (fast mode) disabled) under Options | Directory Comparison and disable Do not calculate number of differences under Options | Directory Comparison | Other.

  • Show relative path
    Select whether to show the Relative Path column in both panes, or only in the first or the second pane.

  • Resize columns synchronously
    If this option is selected, changing a column width in one pane will also change the respective column width in the opposite pane.
Apply changes to the current view.