ExamDiff Pro Basic Tutorial #8

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How to navigate through differences

Tutorial Description: This tutorial describes how to navigate between differences in ExamDiff Pro.

Video Demonstration


  1. Open ExamDiff Pro and compare two files or directories.

    ExamDiff Pro main window, with two files being compared

  2. The first way to navigate between differences is by using the diff combo-box, which is located right below the toolbar. Click on the arrow and select a difference, and ExamDiff will navigate to that difference.

    ExamDiff Pro Diff Combobox

  3. Another method is to use the yellow Navigation arrows, which are located both in the toolbar and in the Navigation menu. Use the Previous Diff (Shift - F7) ExamDiff Pro Previous Diff Button and Next Diff (F7) ExamDiff Pro Next Diff Button buttons to navigate to the previous or to the next difference, respectively, and use the Current Diff (Ctrl - F7) ExamDiff Pro Current Diff Button button for ExamDiff to center the view on the currently selected difference.

  4. One final method you can use to navigate in ExamDiff is bookmarks. When your mouse pointer is on a certain line go to Navigation | Bookmarks | Toggle Bookmark (or press Ctrl - F2) ExamDiff Pro Toggle Bookmark Button to place a bookmark on that line. Go to Navigation | Bookmarks | Next Bookmark (F2) ExamDiff Pro Next Bookmark Button and Navigation | Bookmarks | Previous Bookmark (Shift - F2) ExamDiff Pro Previous Bookmark Button to go to the next bookmark and to the previous bookmark, respectively. To clear a bookmark, move your mouse pointer to that line and go to Navigation | Bookmarks | Toggle Bookmark (Ctrl - F2) ExamDiff Pro Toggle Bookmark Button, and to clear all bookmarks, go to Navigation | Bookmarks | Clear All Bookmarks (Ctrl - Shift - F2) ExamDiff Pro Clear All Bookmarks Button.

    ExamDiff Pro main window closeup, with lines 42, 45, and 53 bookmarked