ExamDiff Pro Basic Tutorial #10

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How to use Shell integration

Tutorial Description: This tutorial describes how to use Shell integration to and from ExamDiff Pro.

Video Demonstration


  1. First let's examine how Shell integration works within ExamDiff. Open ExamDiff Pro and compare two files (or directories).

    ExamDiff Pro main window, with two files being compared

  2. Right click on either comparison pane and select Explorer Menu from the drop-down menu. Alternatively, you can Shift-Right click on either comparison pane.

    Right-clicking on either comparison pane brings up the Explorer Menu

  3. Now let's try Shell integration into ExamDiff. Open up Windows Explorer, and select a file or directory. Right click on it and select Select Select First Item to Compare. Then select another file or directory, right click on it and select Compare to .... The two files or directories should now be compared in ExamDiff Pro!

    These options appear by right-clicking on a file or directory in Windows Explorer

  4. There is also another way to use Shell integration into ExamDiff. Open up Windows Explorer and select two files and directories. Right click on them and select Compare. The two files or directories are compared in ExamDiff Pro!

    This option appears by right-clicking on a pair of files or directories in Windows Explorer

  5. To disable Shell integration into ExamDiff, first go to View | Options ExamDiff Pro Options Button (or press Ctrl - J) to bring up the Options. Then click on the Global tab, and uncheck Enable Windows Explorer (Shell) Integration.

    ExamDiff Pro Options dialog, Global tab