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Help This email address will be used to send your license activation code.
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Help A single-seat license allows FtpVC to be used by one person on up to three computers.

A multi-seat license allows FtpVC to be used on up to as many computers as you have seats, with one user per seat.

Number of Seats Price Per Seat
1 $49.99
2 - 9 $47.99
10 - 24 $45.99
25 - 49 $41.99
50 - 99 $37.99
100 - 999 $33.99
1000 or more $29.99
Maintenance period:
Help Your license never expires, and you can continue to use your current version of FtpVC forever.

You will receive free upgrades to newer versions for the duration of your maintenance period. After it expires, you'll be able to upgrade to a newer version for a lower upgrade fee.
Total price:
Let me know when new versions of FtpVC are released. (You will receive about two emails a year.) PrestoSoft does not share or sell your personal information.
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What Happens Next

After your order is processed, we will email your FtpVC password to you almost instantly. To register FtpVC, follow the instructions in the password email. Please note that while passwords are sent automatically, special requests (i.e. older versions, special password format) must be handled on a case-by-case basis; please allow 24 hours for any special request.

A single-seat (personal) license grants the right for a single person to use FtpVC personally on up to three computers. A multi-seat license grants the right for FtpVC to be installed and used on as many computers as there were seats purchased. (See the EULA for more details.) Each license also includes unlimited email support and at least one year of free upgrades, depending on the number of maintenance years purchased. After your maintenance period expires, you may purchase an upgrade license to extend it (see FtpVC Pricing).

Any questions about the status of the shipment of the order, product details, technical support, etc., must be directed to PrestoSoft.

More FtpVC Purchasing Options

Purchasing an Upgrade

To purchase an upgrade, please send an email to PrestoSoft with your current license name and number of seats you own (you can find this information in the About Box). In return you will be emailed instructions on how to purchase an upgrade. If you purchased FtpVC more than once, and you wish to upgrade all of your separate licenses in one consolidated upgrade, please email all of your license names along with the number of seats for each license.