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Keyboard Options dialog

This page allows you to change default assignment of keyboard shortcuts to ExamDiff Pro commands. As with other global options, Keyboard settings affect all comparison sessions.

Dialog Box Options

Comparison mode
Contains list of three ExamDiff Pro comparison modes. Commands that are specific to comparison modes may have the same keyboard shortcut without any conflict. However, if a command is common for two or all three modes, such as Exit command, changing it will affect all modes the command belongs to.

Contains list of categories for the current comparison mode. Categories map to the mode menu.

Contains list of commands that belong to the selected category. Commands generally come from the menu corresponding to the category, but sometimes they come from the context menu, or not from any menu. "All commands" category contains all commands for the selected comparison mode.

Current keys
Lists keys currently assigned to the selected command (if such assignments exist). If a key is locked (cannot be removed), it is shown in gray text color. If multiple keys are shown, each of them will be used to execute the command.

Contains description of the selected command.

Press new shortcut key
This control allows you to specify a new shortcut for the selected command. In order to do so, click mouse inside the control, then press a desired key or key combination.

Currently assigned to
If the key that you pressed is already assigned to some other command within the current comparison mode, or within any other mode where the currently selected command exists, this control will list such commands along with the comparison modes they belong to. It will also indicate whether the shortcut is locked.

If the key you pressed is not assigned to any other command, this button will allow you to assign the key to the current command, after which the key will be added to the Current keys list.

Use this button to remove the key assignment, selected in the Current keys list, from the current command. The button is disabled if the key is locked.

Move Up
Use this button to move a key up in the Current keys list. The top key is shown in the menus and tooltips for the selected command. There are no other differences between multiple keys assigned to a command.

Move Down
Use this button to move a key down in the Current keys list.

Reset to default
Reset all key assignments to the program defaults. New assignments can then be inspected in the Keyboard Options page but they are not saved until OK button is pressed.