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Customize Toolbar

Customize Toolbar dialog

Bring up the toolbar customization dialog box. Please note:

  • Customization is also accessible via mouse right click on a toolbar.
  • You can also move buttons by holding Alt key and dragging buttons in toolbar.
  • There are three toolbars in the program: for text file comparison, for binary file comparison, and for directory comparison. Only one (the currently active one) can be customized at any given time.
  • The Customize dialog also lets you choose whether the current toolbar should have small (16x16) or large (24x24) icons, and whether or not the icons should have text labels.
  • The Find a button controls allow you search for buttons whose names match entered text. The number of matching buttons is displayed underneath the control. The two controls work independently: the left one only searches available toolbar buttons, and the right one only searches current toolbar buttons.
  • If the Re-Compare button shows a little light in it (meaning that one of compared items was modified outside of ExamDiff Pro), you need to re-compare files/directories first in order make toolbar customization possible.